Overview Michel Roggo

Michel Roggo was born in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1951. He has worked as a professional photographer since 1987. He is a member of the iLCP International League of Conservation Photographers. Michel started taking pictures at the age of thirty. Trips abroad quickly followed, including to Alaska, where he observed migrating salmon for the first time. Fascinated by these images, he decided to document them – under water, but without diving, so that he could work independently outside in the bush. He returned to the salmon rivers year after year to refine his technique.
Using the technique he developed for salmon, Michel began photographing other freshwater subjects, focussing more and more on freshwater landscapes, and revealing these unique habitats for perhaps the first time. He has since become an award-winning leader in his field. "We know what coral reefs look like", Michel says, "but what about the creeks, streams, lakes and ponds on our doorstep? I'm always looking for new and interesting scenes with the most dramatic light - a marsh pond, under the ice in a mountain stream, among algae… these habitats are hardly ever seen but they are incredibly beautiful." Michel Roggo still uses remote control systems under water, but at the age of sixty he began shooting pictures while snorkelling. Two years later, he took up diving – in the Siberian Ozero Baykal, the largest and deepest lake in the world.
In 2011, with the experience of more than a hundred expeditions behind him, Michel Roggo launched an ambitious project dedicated to freshwater: The Freshwater Project. In seven years he photographed forty different and spectacular freshwater environments from around the world. The project was supported by the IUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature.
Michel Roggo is internationally recognized as a specialist in freshwater photography. He has exhibited his work in over thirty solo exhibitions, and has been a prize winner in competitions such as the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. More than 20’000 of his pictures have been published by GEO, BBC Wildlife, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC online, mare, ArtMalaysia Magazine, WWF International, Sierra Magazine and more. He was a photographer for Wild Wonders of Europe.

More than 140 Expeditions

2019 Amazon, Greenland, Lapland, Spain, Siberia 2018 Pantanal, British Columbia, Lapland, Spain 2017 Brazil, British Columbia, Antarctica 2016 Pantanal, Siberia, British Columbia, Lapland, Slovenia, Mexico, Lapland 2015 Malawi, Slovenia, Sichuan, Lapland, Buryatia, Romania, Australia, Oman 2014 Greenland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Romania, Mexico 2013 Siberia, Lapland, Slovenia, China, New Zealand 2012 Pantanal, Croatia, Kamtchatka, Lapland, England, England, Sarawak, Florida 2011 Brazil, Slovenia, Lapland, British Columbia, United Arab Emirates, Florida, Amazon 2010 United Arab Emirates, British Columbia, Lapland, Slovenia 2009 Slovenia, Sweden, Atlantic Canada, Iceland 2008 Slovenia, Sweden, Atlantic Canada 2007 Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia 2006 Slovenia, Norway, Sweden, British Columbia 2005 Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovenia 2004 Croatia, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia 2003 Cuba, Slovenia 2002 British Columbia, British Columbia 2001 Slovenia, British Columbia, Bolivia 2000 Slovenia, Sweden, Bolivia 1999 Cuba, Slovenia, Cuba, British Columbia, Cuba 1998 Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Sweden 1997 New Zealand, Slovenia, Haida Gwaii (B.C.) 1996 Austria, Sweden, England, Haida Gwaii (B.C.) 1995 Austria, British Columbia, Amazon 1994 Amazon, Sweden, British Columbia, Amazon 1993 Amazon, British Columbia, Amazon 1992 Norway, Sweden, Norway 1991 Kenia, Alaska, Alaska, Christmas Island 1990 Florida, Sweden, British Columbia, Alaska 1989 Kenia, British Columbia, Alaska 1988 Okavango, Florida, Atlantic Canada 1987 Spain, Yugoslavia, British Columbia 1986 Scotland, Sweden, Norway, British Columbia 1985 Alaska, Galapagos 1984 Alaska, Sweden 1983 Yugoslavia, Alaska 1982 Sweden 1981 Sweden, Kenia

More than 20'000 Published Photographs
Used by clients such as GEO, GEO Special, Mare, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Figaro Magazine, Terre Sauvage, Paris Match, Nature Canada, Alaska Magazine, The National Magazine, Lamborghini Magazine, Airone, DU, Schweizer Illustrierte, Sierra Magazine, Vokrug Sveta, Nanyang Siang Pau, Art Malaysia Magazine, Pacific Discovery, Kosmos, Photographie, Illustré, Schweizer Familie, Natura, Naturfoto, Adventure, British Columbia Magazine, Revue Schweiz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin, Bianco Magazine, Newlook, Camera Natura, Terra, Science, New Scientist, Tonhalle Zürich, Aquatis Hotel, Swisscom, Canon Europe, Transhelvetica, SF Schweizer Fernsehen, TSR Télévision Suisse Romande, WWF International, WWF Switzerland, ARKive, IUCN, Presence Switzerland, National Geographic and many others.

More than 40 Individual Exhibitions

2019 Zoological Museum University of Zurich 2019 Museum of Natural History, Basel 2017 Artplay, Saint-Petersburg 2017 Expocenter, Moscow 2017 Castel of Arbon 2017 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2017 Seemuseum, Kreuzlingen 2016 Museum of Natural History, Frauenfeld 2015 Galerie Contraste, Fribourg 2014 MuseumsQuartier Tirschenreuth 2013 Soka Gakkai Gallery, Kuala Lumpur 2012 Museum of Natural History, St.Gallen 2012 Taylors’s University, Kuala Lumpur 2011 Ghaf Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi 2011 Higher Colleges of Technology, Fujairah 2010 The Arts House, Singapore 2010 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2009 Museum of Natural History, Geneva 2009 Castel of Gruyères, Gruyères 2008 Museum of Natural History, Frauenfeld 2007 Centre Champ-Pittet, Yverdon 2007 Museum of Natural History, Berne 2006 Galerie im E-Punkt, Baden 2006 Naturama, Aarau 2004 Seemuseum, Kreuzlingen 2004 Museum of Natural History, St.Gall 2003 Senslermuseum, Tafers 2003 Museum of Natural History, St.Gallen 2001 Seemuseum, Kreuzlingen 2001 Senslermuseum, Tafers 2000 Museum of Natural History, Lucerne 1999 Seemuseum, Kreuzlingen 1999 Musée du Léman, Nyon 1999 Centre Champ-Pittet, Yverdon 1998 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 1997 Museum of Natural History, St.Gallen 1996 Senslermuseum, Tafers 1995 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 1994 Galerie Point-de-vue, Fribourg 1993 Cibachrome Galerie, Fribourg 1991 Cibachrome Galerie, Fribourg

Collective Exhibitions (Selection)

2019 Museum of Natural History, Neuchâtel 2019 Museum of Natural History, London 2019 Museum Murten 2018 Senslermuseum, Tafers 2018 Pervozdannaya Rossiya, Central House of Artists, Moscow 2017 Museum of Natural History, London 2016 Art Dialog Festival, Biel 2015 Galerie Leuebrüggli, Langenthal 2014 Museum of Natural History, London 2013 Wild Wonders of Europe, Stockholm 2013 Maison départementale, Belfort 2013 Central House of Artists, Moscow 2012 Swiss Pavilion Expo 2012, Yeosu 2012 Wild Wonders of Europe, Berlin, Madrid 2011 Wild Wonders of Europe, Copenhagen 2011 Kraevedtcheski Museum, Novosibirsk 2011 Museum of Natural History, Olten 2011 Centre Champ-Pittet, Yverdon 2010 Museum of Natural History, London 2010 Wild Wonders of Europe, The Hague, Prague 2009 Musée d'art et d'histoire, Fribourg 2008 Museum of Natural History, London 2008 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2007 The Selection, Zurich 2005 Moschti '05, Düdingen 2004 Museum of Natural History, London

Talks (Selection)
2020 Dive Festival Berne 2019 Imperial College, London 2019 Zoological Museum University of Zurich 2019 Museum Murten 2019 Museum of Natural History, St.Gallen 2019 Museum of Natural History, Basel 2019 CMAS swiss diving, Nottwil 2018 University of Berne 2018 Le Jardin de la Photographie, Bremblens 2018 University of Geneva 2018 Aquatis, Lausanne 2018 Museum of Natural History, Basel 2018 Festisub, Neuchâtel 2018 Deltapark Gwatt 2018 Westphalian Horse Museum, Germany 2018 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2017 University of Geneva 2017 Golden Turtle Festival, Moscow, Russia 2017 Discovery Days, Laax 2017 Landshut Castle 2017 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Fribourg 2017 Castle Arbon 2017 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2017 Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Berne 2017 MV Ortelius, Antarctica 2016 Gesamtschule Lindental 2016 Naturmuseum Frauenfeld 2015 Cultural night, Langenthal 2013 Museum of Natural History, Fribourg 2013 WiLDspeak at WILD10, Salamanca, Spain 2013 Takaka Community Centre, New Zealand 2012 Museum of Natural History, St.Gallen 2012 Taylors’s University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2012 National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, U.K. 2012 Photoplay, Moscow, Russia 2011 Wildphotos, London, UK 2011 Higher Colleges of Technology, Fujairah, UAE 2008 Wildphotos, London, UK

Awards (Selection)

Wildlife Photographer of the Year : 2019, 2017, 2010, 2008, 2004
European Wildlife Photographer of the Year : 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006
Golden Turtle: 2013
Nikon Photo Contest International : 1987, 1985, 1983

Books (Selection)

2019 3 Seen, Werd Verlag 2017 AQUA, Werd Verlag 2014 water.switzerland, Werd Verlag 2008 Eau douce, Editions Slatkine 2008 Philosophies, Editions Jouvence 2008 Süsswasser, Paulusverlag 2004 Fischwelt Schweiz (DVD) 2003 Das Senseland, Paulusverlag 2003 Vivre sous l'O (CD-Rom) 2001 Urlandschaften, Paulusverlag 1998 Leben am Fluss, Paulusverlag 1995 Das Leben in einem Fluss, Paulusverlag 1992 Lachs - Salm -Lax, Hädecke Verlag

Medial Presence
2019-12-28 : Télévision Suisse RTS: Exposition des meilleures photos de nature à Neuchâtel, entretien avec Michel Roggo (Vidéo, 02:07)
2019-11-11 : SRF 2 Kultur kompakt : «Wildlife Photographer of the Year» : Michel Roggo erzählt von seiner Arbeit (Podcast, 21:36)
2019-10-15 : Wildlife Photographer of the Year : 2019 Competition
2019-09-27 : L'illustré : La deuxième vie du photographe d'eau douce
2019-07-18 : The freshwater blog : A beautiful underwater world awash with light
2019-07-11 : Schweizer Familie : Unter uns ein Paradies
2019-06-17 : La Télé, Actu Fribourg : Immersion en eau douce (Vidéo, 03:52)
2019-06-15 : Freiburger Nachrichten : 2 Fotografen setzen 3 Seen in Szene
2019-04-23 : Schweizer Radio SRF : Faszinierende Lichtspiele und beeindruckende Tierporträts
2019-02-18 : Museum of Natural History Basel : Special Exhibition AQUA
2018-07-04 : Télévision Suisse RTS, Couleurs d'été : Entretien avec Michel Roggo, photographe spécialiste de l'eau
2018-05-04 : SRF Kultur : Die Verlockung zu betrügen ist gross
2018-04-24 : Nature Picture Library : Introducing the Freshwater Project
2017-12-22 : Natural History Museum London : Wildlife Photographer of the Year: underwater photographers in the field
2017-12-07 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Netz Natur : Unsere Verwandten im Wasser (Video, 49:59)
2017-11-22 : Schweizer Familie : Magische Momente
2017-10-20 : Wildlife Photographer of the Year : 2017 Competition
2017-10-13 : The Freshwater Project exhibit in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (in russian)
2017-08-17 : La Télé, L'actu : L'eau douce dans l'oeil de Michel Roggo (Vidéo, 02:23)
2017-08-07 : La Liberté : »Mon moteur, c'est la curiosité»
2017-07-27 : WOZ : Forellen haben keine Flügel
2017-06-11 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Tagesschau : Ausstellung AQUA (Video, 02:06)
2017-06-10 : Freiburger Nachrichten : Die Bären – etwas vom Eindrücklichsten
2017-03-13 : National Geographic : 1Frame4Nature | Michel Roggo
2016-10-21 : NZZ : «Die Welt in ein Rechteck pressen – das ist doch furchtbar!»
2016-10-08 : Swiss Post : Stepping across the Atlantic
2016-08-09 : Transhelvetica : Land unter
2016-05-16 : art-tv : Süsswasser: Quelle des Lebens (Video, 03:34)
2016-05-14 : Freiburger Nachrichten : «Ich sage nie, dass etwas nicht geht»
2015-02-26 : Schweizer Familie : «Das Licht, die Stimmung – unbeschreiblich»
2015-12-28 : Radio Suisse RTS : CQFD (Podcast, 25’53’’)
2015-07-10 : Bianco Alpine Lifestyle Magazine : Bilderfischer mit Unterwasserblick
2015-04-13 : Aquatis Hotel Lausanne : All the 143 rooms decorated with underwater photographs
2012-01-08 : Schweizer Radio DRS, Menschen und Horizonte : Michel Rloggo, Naturfotograf (Podcast, 56:03)
2010-10-18 : Wildlife Photographer of the Year : 2010 Competition
2009-01-25 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Tagesschau : Ausstellung wasser@greyerz, Schloss Greyerz (Video, 02:18)
2008-09-21 : Schweizer Radio DRS, Regionaljournal Bern Freiburg Wallis : Kulturpreisträger DFAG 2008 (Podcast, 12:34)
2007-01-17 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Kulturplatz : Ausstellung Wasserwelten, Bern (Video, 00:52)
2004-02-11 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Schweiz aktuell : Foto-Shooting für Schweizer Fische (Video, 05:31)
2002-02-05 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Voilà : Fischfotograf Michel Roggo (Video, 05:14)
1996-12-02 : Schweizer Fernsehen SRF, Schweiz aktuell : Porträt Michel Roggo, Ausstellung Lachs, Tafers (Video, 07:02)

International Projects
Rio Negro (2019) : The flooded Amazon rainforest, Rio Negro Igapó, Brazil.

Kalaallit Nunaat (2019) : The Sermeq Kujalleq and the icebergs of the Kangia Icejord, with aerial and underwater images, Greenland.

Lapland waters (2019) : Aerial view of the rivers, creeks, lakes and marhses of Swedish Lapland.
Ozero Baykal (2019) : On and under the ice of the largest, deepest, and oldest lake on earth, Siberia, Russia.

Rio Tinto (2018, 2019) : A river with extremely acidic water, very high levels of iron, and extremophile anaerobic bacteria.

Antarctica (2017) : The Antarctic Peninsula, the Ross Sea and Cape Adare with icebergs, glaciers and ice shelfs.

Malawi (2015) : Lake Malawi with its 1’000 species of cichlid fish, mostly endemic.

Temnik (2015) : spring on a very wild river, Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

South Australia (2015) : the spring-fed limestone ponds, sinkholes and crater lakes of the Limestone Coast.

Oman (2015) : the Wadis of the Hajar Mountains, Sultanate of Oman.

Kalaallit Nunaat (2014) : Meltwater on the Greenland Ice Sheet and the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier with its icebergs.

Mosi-oa-Tunya (2014) : the world’s largest sheet of falling water, Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Okavango (2014) : the delta of the Okavango river in the Kalahari desert, Botswana.
Danube Delta (2014, 2015) : the second largest and best preserved european river delta, Romania.
Yucatán (2014, 2016) : Cenotes and Lagunas in Maya Territory, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Ozero Baykal (2013, 2015, 2016) : twenty percent of the world’s freshwater in just one lake, Siberia, Russia.
Sichuan (2013, 2015) : Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, two World Heritage Sites of outstanding beauty.
New Zealand (2013) : Te Waikoropupu, a spring sacred to the Maori, and Rotomairewhenua, the clearest freshwater ever reported.
Pantanal (2012, 2016, 2017, 2018) : the incredibly beautiful aquatic garden eden of the world’s largest wetland, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Plitvicka Jezera (2012) : the lakes and travertine barriers of Plitvice, Croatia.
Kuril’skoye Ozero (2012) : the Brown bears of the Kurile lake, Kamtchatka, Russia.
Rijeka Gacka (2012) : the springs and headwaters of the karst river Gacka, with an abundance of aquatic plant life, Croatia.
Gunung Mulu (2012) : in the waters of the rainforest and the caves of Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia.
River Itchen (2012) : commissioned work in this chalk stream of outstanding beauty, Hampshire, England, U.K.
Serra da Bodoquena (2011, 2012, 2016, 2017, 2018) : in the rivers and caves of the limestone mountains of Bodoquena, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Northern Rockies (2011, 2016, 2017) : in the countless rivers, lakes and beaver ponds of the Northern Rockies, British Columbia, Canada.
Lapland waters (2011 - 2018) : in the rivers, creeks, lakes and marhses of Swedish Lapland.
Florida Springs (2011 - 2012) : in the crystal clear springs of the Floridan Aquifer.
Rio Negro (2011) : in the flooded forest of the Rio Negro and its tributaries.
Desert Waters (2010 - 2011) : in the Wadis and Mangroves of the United Arab Emirates.
Wild Wonders of Europe (2008 - 2009) : a team of 68 photographers, including Michel Roggo, is revealing Europe's amazing natural treasures.
Atlantic salmon (2004 - 2009) : long-term project with trips to Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Atlantic Canada.
Iceland (2009) : archaic landscapes.
Pacific salmon (1983 - 2010) : more than 20 trips to Alaska and Canada, with a globally unique archive on this subject.
Waterworlds (since 2004) : long-term project of underwater landscapes from across the globe.
Fishes (since 1992) : long-term project, particularly in the Alps, in Scandinavia and the Balkans, with a globally unique archive on this subject.
Aquatic life (since 1996) : long-term project, various animals living in and around inshore waters.
Amazon (1991 - 2001) : 7 expeditions totaling more than 8 months in the flooded rain forests along the Amazon river, with support from WWF International and Fondation Ushuaia.
Cuba (1999) : commissioned work, 4 expeditions, recording the numerous endemic animal and plant species.
Red Crabs (1991) : the mass migration of more than 100 million red crabs across Christmas Island.
Northern Rockies (1999 - 2002) : commissioned work in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains, B.C., Canada.
Haida Gwaii (1996 - 1997) : the heritage of the Haida people on Queen Charlotte Island, B.C., Canada.

Swiss Projects
Gorner Glacier (2018, 2019) : Documenting the fast melting glacier with aerial photography, using helicopter and drone, Valais Alps.
3 Lakes (2017 - 2019) : The underwater world of the Lakes of Morat, Neuchâtel and Bienne.
Gorner Glacier (2013) : A spectacular alpine glacier with meltwater channels and lakes, including underwater images, Valais Alps.
Swiss Rivers (2008 - 2011) : commissioned work for the WWF Switzerland.
Mountain forests (2007 - 2008) : commissioned work in the Fribourg Pre-Alps.
Mountain waters (2008) : commissioned work in the Fribourg Pre-Alps.
Fishes portraits (2001 - 03) : eyes, scales, fins, studio pictures of live fish.
Fishes of Switzerland (2001 - 03) : studio pictures of all 78 species of fish, lampreys and crayfish in Switzerland, with support from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.
Unspoilt landscapes (1999 - 2001) : commissioned work in the pre-alpine region, Fribourg.

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